Uncategorized January 6, 2022

How Selling A House Without An Agent Can Cost You

Do your real estate goals involve selling your home in 2022?  Are you considering doing it on your own?  Selling your house solo is possible, but definitely not recommended.  I realize that I say this as a Realtor, however make sure you think this through.

In fact, FSBOs (for sale by owners) usually mean:
•    A lower selling point. Homes sold using a Realtor, on average, get a 16% higher sales price. Realtors know the market and establish a selling price that is fair and will allow for the most exposure.  If you price your house too high, it can sit on the market for a long time giving prospective buyers the idea that something might be wrong with it.  Or, worse you could leave money on the table.  Realistically only 8% of all homes are sold by the owner. 

•    Safety. Realtors have legitimate, pre-qualified buyers entering your home. Every showing has to have a Realtor present and the lockbox used to gain access keeps track of who and when people were in your home. Do you have time during your day to allow up to 20+ people in your home?  Don’t you want to know the people going through your home are actually looking to buy a home?

•    More hassles and headaches. Real estate agents do many tasks other than simply helping you get the most money for your property. Agents manage all of the required paperwork involved in selling a home, help the seller determine things they should do before they list their home and during the listing process, and coordinate the other professionals involved in a home sale, such as an inspector and appraiser. In a FSBO the seller must handle everything from writing the initial listing to setting up showings and negotiating with buyers. Are you familiar with disclosing everything you know about your home?  You could be risking a lawsuit if you don’t ensure all material defects are disclosed properly.

•    Less exposure. Solo sellers don’t have access to the same marketing tools and platforms. Homes offered by owner get less exposure to home buyers, and in multiple offer situations, fewer bidders. The higher the number of bidders on a property and the more exposure a property gets, the better, when it comes to a home’s selling price. Our marketing tools alone syndicate to 700 websites, give your home its own website and offer you valuable information on who is looking at your home online.  It is more than just a sign in the yard. 

•    Selling your home without an agent also requires consulting an expensive real estate attorney to handle contracts and paperwork.

Ask yourself this one question, do you have enough time to devote to selling your own home and attracting buyers?  This is a profession for a reason.  There are a lot of agents out there, find one that you like and you feel has your best interests in mind.  It’s just like making a new friend, you usually know within 5 seconds if you gel with someone or not.

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